Welcome to the SF Bike Cavalry blog.  This has been an idea for a long while and finally the time has come.  The idea formed while biking around during the outbreak of the Afghanistan war.  Watching people march through the streets without a sense of direction and being manipulated by the police into traps for arrests.

We found it difficult with only a few of us on bikes trying to communicate to the people in the march.  We realized early on the power of mobility during marches and actions.  Without a proper information network we couldn’t hope to communicate to the people in the march or direct people away from danger. Biking around and finding locations where police were staging reinforcements and blockades etc. The Bike Cavalry was the way to solve this problem.

Friends who started the Mission Burrito project were carrying coolers full of hot burritos several blocks to 16th st Bart to give out free food found it could be so much easier and could begin to reach much further on bicycles and bike carts.

The green thumb in me began thinking about Permaculture and gardens and urban space lacking living things.  Guerrilla gardening came to mind and using bicycles and carts we could mobilize and move through the city with ease.

Practice makes perfect and sometimes running drills and practicing grid search patterns through city streets can mean the difference of finding and relaying information and missing the group entirely and biking around alone during crucial times at an action.

This is a new idea and it needs people to move it along.  You are the leaders and this is your forum. Lets communicate and facilitate our way through some positive change.



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