Night Ride: February 28th!


~Get your Ride on~

So it’s a bit last minute but we are heading out for a night ride -get together, tomorrow, February 28th on Shotwell between 23rd and 24th Streets at 6pm, at the entrance to the now closed Cala Foods Grocery Store.

We will be departing around 6:10pm for a evening of cycling fun (and exercise) through the city to get our ride on and enjoy some of this winter’s dry spell. We hope to challenge a few hills and see some fun places on our way to a rest area where those of use who are looking to get a little more in shape can do some ground work outs (read: the loathed sit-up and squats).

Bring your lights, helmet, and some warm gear (don’t let these sunny days fool you, it’s darn right cold once the sun goes down).

See you there!

If you are running a little late, hit us up on twitter!

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