Bike the Strike Bridge Update


All actions involving the Golden Gate Bridge have been Cancelled.

Although this is disappointing, this will not affect our planned ride. We will still be doing a Critical Mass style ride throughout the city and visit all the different marches and rallies going on. We are also going to be on-call for any last minute reconnaissance or delivery of supplies needed by other groups. There is also a planned breakfast stop around 9am, a Bike Cavalry member is cooking us up some breakfast burritos so we may stay fueled for the day.

We are still meeting:

Early meetup: 7am @ 16th st & Mission st

ReGroup:  11am @ Justin Herman Plaza

Contact for any questions.


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2 responses to “Bike the Strike Bridge Update

  1. We can use your help at our rally @ 5th and market in front of the Westfield mall at 11am.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get this until the day after, but we did ride in front of your march down Market st. I hope you saw us and we helped. We had a blast and thanks for the post

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